What Can Nintendo Do?

So if you haven’t heard The worlds Largest Leader in the handheld video game market FINALLY!!!!(as The Rock would say) has some competition. Who is this big,bad, handheld who Nintendo sees as the “enemy of the future”

That’s right folks it’s the iPhone. This simple and popular device is what Nintendo is going to focus all their attention ,resources, and whatever they can to make sure the King stays on the throne. Let’s face facts Apple is NOT a game company,but What Apple does is take sometime and make it ten times better. Look at the iPod,it totally changed how we listen and buy music. I can’t think of the last time that I put burned a CD. Then Apple want to re ent the cell phone and BOY did they ever who would haves seen iPhone combined with the App Store offering Video Games at great price that could rival The Nintendo DS? Is this year 20XX????

So what can Nintendo Do?
One thing I have notice about Nintendo, is that they depend to much on their 1st party titles. How many Mario titles do you have to have??? I don’t understand Nintendo at times, it’s like they have to be pushed for them to Advance their Games(boy) and systems. Why hasn’t Nintendo gone online fully? Who has the time to put in a friends code? HDMI Nintendo? And your customer service is BAD! so BAD that you can’t Transfer the games you bought if YOU buy a new system?(something Playstation does well). Now don’t get me wrong I love Nintendo.I can remember the good old NES days. I’m so happy that they are Finally leading in the video game market the Wii changed how we play video games and can respect that Nintendo good job ,but it doesn’t stop their. It good you guys look at Apple as a threat and you should(see Palm) just don’t try and do what Apple does because it not your business and your not good at it. Do what brought you to the dance. Nintendo is Video Games and that’s sometime you can’t take away from them. Just like Nintendo woke everyone up with the Wii it’s time do do something again. One more thing Nintendo the iPad is knocking on the Wii front door.

So what do you think?

It would be nice if they could play nice then we could get something like this 🙂

One last thing has anyone played a PSP lately??? Ya I didn’t think so.

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