Today I embark on my year journey of the 365 Project. This project is to help anyone with the love of photography tell a year story though photos. You may be wondering why I chose the above photo as my first? Let me tell you why…… People have asked me over and over what’s the BEST Camera/equipment to use if I want to be a Pro? In return I tell them to ” use your eyes” because it doesn’t matter what you use to take a photo if you can’t SEE the photo FIRST then you can MAKE the photo.

Now with that being said once you do get the eyes part down you can next move to the equipment part of photography. First let’s start off with the lens that I’ve been using for the last Year. The Canon 24-70mm L lens. I tell you This is one heck of a lens, it my bread and butter, my yen and yang, my Bonnie and ……well you get it lol. Then it’s my iPad 3G ( as I’m typing this blog on) the iPad for a photographer is a must have and will change how you work. I. n set up meetings, show my work, show the client their photos right after a shoot ( with the help of the iPad camera kit) and much more.

Last but not least the above shot was taken with a Canon 7D with a 50mm ii lens. I hope you stick with me over this year, I will try to give you the best photos I can take.

Take care everyone.

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Location:Edith Cir,Conway,United States

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