Vegas Skips Sumer School Day 3

Today is day 8 of the 365 photo project. One of my goals (that I don’t like to set sometimes lol) was to shoot the iconic Las Vegas sign. I got more than I asked for…. Let me tell you a story…..

Today started off great as I woke up and declared that something good will happen to me. I had the faith and say to God “today will be my day”. I got up this got the sleep out of my eye ,checked my iPhone, and I didn’t even want to get out of bed. Yes I LOVE my sleep lol, but I told myself before I got here I will not miss this chance to learn to better myself as photographer. So I got up and got some food and goto the sessions about 45mins early. Today speaker was the Famous “Kevin Kobata”

Lone story short he stared off his pre show by giving out was one prose that I wanted and it was an tamrac photo bag. So I ran up on stage to dance and I was bad a great female photographer (sorry I can’t spell your name lol) Rushed the stage and stated to dance better…… Well LOOK I was going to lose this, so I took out my secret weapon….what was it…. I just took…My..Leg…OFF! Oh yea you mow it I won that lol. Kevin himself said “dude no one can top that lol” so that was the first great thing that happen to me.

Next I was blessed AGAIN to have my photo taken by the famous photographer Clay Blackmore. This guy know how to pose a person. This guy I learned so much from him in just buy setting in front of the camera.

Behind the scenes with Clay

This is a photo he took of me.

Let me wrap this blog up because I can keep going on and on lol. So this bring me back to the first photo and the photo I will chose for day 8/365 and it’s one I took of Clay Blackmore enjoy.

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Location:Paradise Rd,Las Vegas,United States

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