Good by Canon for now!!!

This is something I thought I would never be blogging. After threes years of shooting Canon, I have made the jump to Nikon. Yes I’m now an official Nikon shooter. In the past two days  I been asked WHY!! “others have told me welcome to the dark side” or like I have been “Born Again” lol. To me it’s not  THAT serious is it? To some YES it is a big deal. It’s like The Cowboys vs the Redskins.. Nintendo vs SegaApple vs EVERYONE!!!  do you get it?? lol. Early in my career I had this mindset ,That it was nothing better than Canon. I was wrong to think so shallow, I just hope who ever read this post will stop and think its ok to use ANY CAMERA you wish to use.

So you still wondering WHY did I switch so here it is.

I’m a Wedding/Event photographer and I found over the last 2years myself shooting low light. I looked to the Canon 5D Mark 2 vs The Nikon D700. I picked the Nikon D700 because of the better AF system, better noise, and the body just looked cool :).
Yes I do miss Video and will get another DSLR with that option. So there you have it the reason I’m on the Black and gold team. 🙂

In all seriousness get the camera that works for YOU ,do your research because it will help, also don’t be afraid to ask other photographers on WHY they chose X camera . I hope this post will help someone. thanks for reading and let me know what you think.

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