The Kinect is Here

Today is the official release of Microsoft’s New Kinect for the Xbox 360.

What’s in the box?

You get a shiny new Kinect,
Cables for the older Xbox 360 machines
Calibration Card (it has a happy face on it)
Kinect Adventures Video Game.

How does it all work?

The Kinect is all about YOU as the controller. You want to watch a movie say “XBOX” “KINECT” “watch a movie” or say “play disc” or “play Kinect Adventures”
I must say I was very surprise on how great the Kinect works.

The Kinect Hub

This is where you will launch all of your Kincet commands.

Vs the Wii and PS Move

The Kinect vs the Wii and Ps Move is total different. With the Kinect YOU are the controller. At times this could be a issue at times. I like the fact that I won’t be afraid if a young child can’t break my tv because they have a wiimote or move controller in their hand.


Using the Kinect with movies is still a work in progress. The Voice commands are great like “stop” “pause” and other commands I just wish it you could use it for Netflix.

The Final Verdict

I would say the Kinect is a winner. I like the direction the Kinect is going.  I must say you need at lease 6-12 feet to play if not” NO PLAY FOR YOU.”  If you worried about looking like a goof don’t worry no one is looking 🙂 just have fun.

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