2/365 Money Making Love

So did that title catch your eye??? if it did, that what my job supposed to do 🙂 . This year feels like its going to be a HUGE for me as a photographer. I have a lot of goals to get done and no one will stop me 🙂 Now on to today’s photo ” money making love” I have to admit I still in love with Canon but, ever since I switched to Nikon I love this beast of a machine. the Nikon D700 has helped me get make great photos. Let me state this before I get flooded  with some HATE or WHY emails. THE CAMERA DOESN’T MATTER!! ITS YOUR EYES THAT DOES. don’t believe me??? take a look today’s photo taken with the iPhone 4

One of my Loves

See it’s not always the camera but, ( it does help at times)  its your VISION that will take you farther than any Nikon, Canon , Sony  or any other camera will.So don’t trip if you can’t buy the latest and greatest camera. Just focus on you VISION and you go far.

Until next time America, don’t take photos “MAKE A PHOTO”……

Steve W.J.

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