Memphis Dream is Americas Dream 5/365

Another day another photo πŸ™‚ good news is that my MacBook Pro is working like a champ again yeaaaaa. Todays photo(s) come from the great city of Memphis that has a lot of history. So let’s start with the first photo of a Old Memphis Bridge

All photos today and maybe until the end of this month are from…..wait for it……iPhone 4. it something about this bridge that I love and the tree on the left side just add something I love. What do you think about it?

The next photo I was able to make goes down as important part in American History.

The Lorraine Motel where Martin Luther King was shot and killed. 😦 this man lead & inspired Millions upon Millions to Have A Dream. This was my first time to see this place in person, it had an aura like I never felt before. If you have a chance to visit please do. Keep The Dream Alive.

Well that’s it I hope you enjoyed today’s photos.

Until Next Time America, don’t just take a photo MAKE a Photo.

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One last photo I will do a blog on this book signing

Location:S 2nd St,Memphis,United States

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