Soledad O’Brien’s “The Next Big Story” Book Signing in Memphis.

I had the honor to photograph Mrs. Soledad O’Brien’s Book signing ‘The Next Big Story” in Memphis, TN last night at the historic Nation Civil Right Museum. A perfect place of any for the face of Black in America series on CNN. If you haven’t seen the series Black in America take a look its on iTunes at this link .The  crowd on hand filed the room inside the Civil Rights Museum.

Soledad started off reading a few pages from her new book “The Next Big Story”


Then She took questions from the audience. I must say I was VERY impressed ,Soledad made everyone she talked to feel like it was just a one on one interview. I loved how she kept consent eye contact with whom she was speaking too. A+ Soledad. Did you know she was Black??? no it might seem like a WTH question, but she’s very comfortable talking about race. Soledad told a story about how she was interviewing NBA Superstar Lebron James, if his decision going to the Miami Heat and  the 1st Black President had to do with the Race? Let me tell you guys Soledad is no pushover, there was one heckler in the audience and was very upset about why she didn’t do a story on reparations for slavery.? She took the questions like a pro and told the gentleman she did cover it in Black in America. Yes my friends shes that good. I would like to thank the Civil Rights Museum and Soledad O’Brien for allowing me to take part at this event. Enjoy The Photos of the event.

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2 thoughts on “Soledad O’Brien’s “The Next Big Story” Book Signing in Memphis.

  1. She’s one of my favorite journalists. I will work with her one day I just have to. She is a no holds barred lady and took on every question—even the one from the heckler asking about reparations. You took amazing photos!

    P.S. I’m the guy that had on the leather jacket holding the book in photo #2

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