The Return of The Game and Rebirth of The Black Sitcom?

On October 2006 the world was introduced to a New Black Sitcom called “The Game” this show produced three seasons and millions upon millions of fans. In May 2009 the CW Network canceled the show. Fans around the world were shocked and saddened by this news. People cried out “HOW CAN CW DO THIS” WE WANT OUR SHOW BACK!!” This began a two-year online campaign to bring the show back and guess what It Worked! Black Entertainment Television (BET) picked up the rights to the show and fans was ecstatic after two years The Game is Back or should I say GAME ON BITCHES!! This past summer we got a date 1-11-11 was Game Day and what perfect day it was to release the show. I just noticed this fact while researching for this blog “The Game” is the 1st Black Sitcom to start in Two Decades On Two Different Networks.

Last Night Show was a roller coaster of a show. I don’t want to spoil it for you because we know BET will show it again lol. If you have seen the show vote in the poll below.

So this begs the question will The Game be the Rebirth of the Black Sitcom?
The last big hit was Girlfriends (ties the Cosby show for third place) with eight seasons. The show was a hit not only with Black Audiences but White and Hispanic house holds.

Girlfriends was the Black Version of Sex in the City to most African Americans. The show was the talk of the town. The show took a major transition when Tony left the show and it was like Destiny Child down to a three Woman show.

Number two on the list is Family Matters which took place in downtown Chicago. The show took off when tv nerd Steve Urkel took the show by the neck and made it his own. The iconic line “Did I Do That? by Steve drove Carl crazy and America fell in love with Steve Urkel and Family Matters.

Now to the All time longest running Black Sitcom was ….
From 1975–1982 this show did over 250 episodes.I don’t know if another Black Sitcom will ever reach the feet again. George and Louise Jefferson was what inspired families of all races to reach higher with a smile.

So is The Game the rebirth of the Black Sitcom? I hope so because we don’t have many shows that are out there. I can’t forget shows like Meet the Browns, and a host of reruns like Living Single,The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Martin Shows on TV One. There is hope for this new generation.

Until Next Time America, Don’t Be Mad..Be Inspired!

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