TNA iMPACT Wresting in Hot Spings,Arkansas

TNA/ iMPACT Wrestling puts on a fun evening in Hot Springs,AR. The building opened up at 5:30 for the meet and greet. Soon as me and my friend entered the building we was greeted by Mr. Don West himself let me tell you this guy knows how to sell. he was offering the famous TNA Brown bag special that came with DVDs and shirts. I even fell to Don West Deal by getting and AJ Styles Legends of the Ring Action Figure for $15 that got me a meet with AJ. What surprised me was that Jeff Jarrett guitars sold out at $175.00 WOW!!!

Tna Wrestling in Hot Springs-5

Tna Wrestling in Hot Springs-4
Tna Wrestling in Hot Springs-16

Tna Wrestling in Hot Springs-18

Tna Wrestling in Hot Springs-21

Tna Wrestling in Hot Springs-23

Tna Wrestling in Hot Springs-25

Tna Wrestling in Hot Springs-30

Next the Meet and greet was ok Im not a fan of lining up on the rails by the ring waiting on SOME TNA/iMPACT Wrestlers just sign stuff without any emotion and at times not even interaction. it was just stick out your book , sign, on to the next. I will say Tommy Dreamer did stop and take photos with people and was very nice to all.
Tna Wrestling in Hot Springs-11

Tna Wrestling in Hot Springs-13

The night started off with J.B coming to the ring and thanking everyone in Hot Springs for coming to the show. Hey told everyone who ever shouted the loudest will get a backstage pass. Tna Wrestling in Hot Springs-41

The First match was Abyss vs Crimson was a very good match. it was a lot of back an forth. In the end It was Crimson getting the win.
Tna Wrestling in Hot Springs-44
Tna Wrestling in Hot Springs-48
Tna Wrestling in Hot Springs-81
Tna Wrestling in Hot Springs-86

Next it was the Sexy Velvet Sky vs Sarita. I wasn’t worried about this match it was just great eye candy lok at these too HOTT women. I SAY THESE WOMEN LOOK GREAT. I like to grow a whole field of them OJH YEAAA.

Tna Wrestling in Hot Springs-92

Tna Wrestling in Hot Springs-99

Tna Wrestling in Hot Springs-109

This was the time of the night for me and a lot of others with me as Mr. Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner came to the ring and he was just taking bad about how he see some ugly Bit*** in Hot Spring. So I Took off my Leg and acted like i was going to hit Scotty with it. This pissed him off and he came towards me cussing. So started doing push ups with my leg off in front of Scotty. The Crowd went crazy and Scotty when CRAZY!! APE S@@! lol. this was a fun match with Eric Young doing his goofy stick at one point he hulked up by taking his pants off but in the end Scotty won the match
Tna Wrestling in Hot Springs-121
Tna Wrestling in Hot Springs-123
Tna Wrestling in Hot Springs-127

Next was “Cold Blooded” Matt Hardy brings out his special Tag Team Partner WWE HOF “Braden Walker “…….I mean The WildCat Chris Harris vs BEER MONEY!! it looked like BEER MONEY didn’t want to be there. it was the same Beer Money Tag match. Winner Beer Money

Tna Wrestling in Hot Springs-143
Tna Wrestling in Hot Springs-150

Next Mach was Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer vs A.J Styles & Brother Devon. The start of the match was Bully Ray getting on the mic and just talking so bad about the oversized woman next to me. He said “lady your not two big..your THREE BIG” i was like WOW that was mean but funny. Then Bully looked at me and told me to sit my ONE legged black ass down lol. ( i was upset I know he didn’t mean it lol) so during the match Devon asked me to give him my leg and this he used it on Bully. This drove the crowd crazy lol. Your winners was AJ and Devon
Tna Wrestling in Hot Springs-158

Tna Wrestling in Hot Springs-161

Tna Wrestling in Hot Springs-169

Tna Wrestling in Hot Springs-187

Tna Wrestling in Hot Springs-199

The Main Event was Mr. Anderson….Anderson vs Jeff Jarrett it was a very good match. Yes it was a ref bump……. in the end Mr. Anderson won and then stayed in the ring to take photos with people.

Tna Wrestling in Hot Springs-211

Tna Wrestling in Hot Springs-217

Tna Wrestling in Hot Springs-222

Tna Wrestling in Hot Springs-223

Tna Wrestling in Hot Springs-226

I say this house show was 10x better that watching iMPACT on tv. I was very happy spending my money on the product. I just wish the TV show was much better.

Tna Wrestling in Hot Springs-231

to see all the nights photos please visit my flickr page at

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