Things in my mind at the moment ………

Hello everyone hope your day is went well. I Just watching a story on CNN (my favorite news channel) I was shocked to believe ( well no I wasn’t) how sad some people are. So the story about the young woman who killed her daughter (I cant remember the name right now it’s all over the news right) soooo why did see people grown A** people running to get to a line to get into her trial? this really bothered me you know. I looked at it like this..
Why do people love to see others WORSE off than themselves???? Does it make you feel better to see someone else about to goto jail or receive the death penalty?? I’m not saying she doesn’t deserve punishment BUT why are people running (some in a wheelchair ) just to see an outcome??

In other news I’m getting the chance to make some major upgrades to my office or Mac setup..podcast thingy…whatever you want to call it lol. I got me a new Mic, webcam and speakers. This was a longggggg time coming so check out the photos below.

So what you think? I hope not to be returning theses items 🙂 these will come out nice for the Photography Show I Do every Monday on “The Wright Way To Photography”

Hey you still with cool…see this blog is not always about photography and tech 🙂

By the way please subscribe to this blog above you (love you Ryan) and sub to me too PLEASEEEEEEEE “with sugar on top” 🙂 Well people I’m about to go and cook, don’t know what yet but something good. If you need to contact me please do on twitter @WrightWayPhoto I be sure to tweet you back.

“Until next time Everyone take care of yourself and each other”

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One thought on “Things in my mind at the moment ………

  1. missryanprincess on said:

    Hello sweetheart,
    What nice thoughts in your blog! I love the versatility you are displaying!!! Sadly, misery often loves company. Just as good news (people doing philanthropic work and trying to make a positive difference) hardly ever makes the headlines, similarly, people do not line up to see positivity. We want to stand in a circle and instigate fights and watch people’s finances, relationships, and careers decline. It is a sad statement about human nature, but we are all drama kings and queens. However, we must always remember the principles of the Golden Rule or even just Karma- what goes around comes around to us. If we ask ourselves how we might feel if someone was involving themselves with our business, we might think twice the next time we involve ourselves in theirs. Great points in your blog. Also, thanks for the plug for my blog! I hope people will read and enjoy.
    I love you back 🙂

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