The True Story of the iPhone 5 is…….

“Where is the iPhone 5 and why DID they lie to US????”  This is what I’m hearing from a lot of my non tech friends. By now you know that Apple didn’t release the iPhone 5, but the iPhone 4s. To everyone who was waiting on the iPhone 5, you have to know this. Apple never said ANYTHING about releasing an iPhone 5, in fact Apple, AT&T,Verizon or Sprint has NEVER said anything regarding this matter.

So here’s the “Real Story” regarding the truth on the iPhone 5. You see, most tech websites will often report on a rumor of an unannounced product. It will go something like this…… “The iPhone 5 will be announced this fall” or “Apple is going to have three new iPhones” or “we also have a SPY photo of the device, click here“………. (insert evil laughter ) . This, my friends, is a RUMOR and nothing more. Apple (like Canon) is VERY secretive  on what products they have coming out in the near future.  

Now don’t feel bad, even I was eager to see what iPhone had in store for the near future. I’m very happy with the iPhone 4s (the s is for speed or Steve, in honor of Steve Jobs) The iPhone 4s is an amazing smart phone and has already sold over 1,000,000 in 24 hours. To help you understand Apple a little better let me show you a brief timeline of Apple’s iPhone history.

June 29, 2007      iPhone        had 2G and reinvented the smartphone 

July 11, 2008       iPhone 3G   introduced 3G on AT&T came pre-loaded with iOS 2.0.1 with                                                     App Store

June 19, 2009      iPhone 3Gs  was the “same” as the previous iPhone but was faster 

June 24, 2010      iPhone 4     was a totally redesign and added Verizon Wireless 

October 14, 2011  iPhone 4s   now it looks just like the iPhone 4 but “Faster,” added Sprint

                                              (sorry T-Mobile)


So you see, Apple’s history with the iPhone is one that of a gradual change, only the BIG changes come every other year.  Yes, it was rumors with every release of the iPhone, but Apple didn’t say anything and NEVER will. So don’t be mad at Apple, AT&T,Verizon, or Sprint. Where you really need to place the blame is to the non- reputable “tech” websites, that don’t care about real tech news only page clicks. 


So don’t be upset just because you don’t have the iPhone 5,6 or 7 just be happy you have better cell phone than we did five years ago.  I know most of you will upgrade to the iPhone 4s and be happy but some of you will NEVER will, just because you’re spoiled kids 🙂 . Come this Friday, October 14, 2011 I’ll be getting the iPhone 4s and will love it. 


Until Next Time People , Don’t Be Mad, BE INSPIRED!!!! 

Steve Wright Jr.


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One thought on “The True Story of the iPhone 5 is…….

  1. I’m getting the new one too….it’s really the end of an era for me…
    I’ve had a blackberry since I was in college…
    eeerrrrr…I’m nervous….

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