Apple’s Card App is a must have for Photographers.

So you just got done with a great Photo Shoot, Event or Wedding. To show your customers that you care a lot about them why don’t you send them a card from you iOS Device (iPod Touch ,iPhone, iPad) I think this is a MUST HAVE for any photographer at any stage of their career. How this works, you first start by downloading the Cards App from the iTunes store at this link , next you make a custom card from templets in the app


fill out the info, address (make sure to have this info save in contacts) , pay $2.99 and your done. You even will get an email when your Card will be deliverd, on top of that Apple puts a custom stamp on this. I know this App will change  how I make ALL my customer fell “The Wright Way”

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This is from Apple 


Custom letterpress cards

• Cards combine a centuries-old letterpress technique with your digital text and photos
• Each card is crafted from 100 percent cotton paper and imprinted with an elegant debossed design
• Choose from 21 designs for six occasions: Thank You, Holiday, New Baby, Birthday, Love, and Travel
• Customize the placeholder text for any occasion, such as an anniversary or graduation
• Add a photo to your card or send one with just text

Location integration
• If you select one of the Travel designs, your card automatically displays the name of your current location
• Choose a photo with GPS data, and the card shows the name of the place where the photo was taken

Prepaid postage included
• U.S. customers can send a card within the U.S. for $2.99 including postage
• Send a card anywhere else in the world for $4.99 including postage
• Select an address from your Contacts and easily personalize it — from Mr. Johnny Appleseed to The Appleseed Family, for example
• To place your order, simply enter your Apple ID password
• In the U.S., your card will include our own Apple-designed postage

Delivery notification
• Cards mailed to U.S. addresses make use of the United States Postal Service Intelligent Mail® barcode
• On the day your card is to be delivered, you’ll receive a notification on your iPhone or iPod touch

Card history
• All your cards are automatically saved and can be viewed in a history list
• You can resend any card to another recipient — perfect for when you have a lot of friends to thank or you want to spread the word about the newest member of your family

Total order price includes postage. For orders with a U.S. billing address, sales tax will be added to the order price. For orders with a non-U.S. billing address, the order price will include applicable VAT.

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One thought on “Apple’s Card App is a must have for Photographers.

  1. Cute!! Send me a card!!

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