Photographing Football


I have the best job in the world, I say this is because I get see amazing places, people and I get to use a cool camera 🙂 . I had the opportunity last week to photograph The University of Central Arkansas homecoming game. I’m not a huge football fan (even tho my dad grew me up on the Dallas Cowboys) but I do love a new challenge. So when I was asked could I take some photos of the game I say #areyouseriousbro. Shooting down on the field was amazing. It was great and kind of scary, I was just watching out so i didn’t get hit by a 250+ linebacker lol. I hope to shoot a football game again soon. Below are some of my best shots from the game.











I was shooting with my 5D Mark II with a 70-200 lens ( for those who care ) now you may think that would be a great camera to use but it was just ok. Action moves FAST ,so I need a fast camera like the Canon 1DX 🙂 , overall it was a fun time.

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