Let there be LIGHT!!!

Photo by Don O conner

Light is so powerful. even God himself knew that as in PHOTOGRAPHY “light is photography” that what I’ve been trying to wrap my head around how to see light. I feel now that im learning to see light much much better and the effect it has on my work is amazing. I had a light breakthrough during my local SmugMug meetup with photos I was taking of my good friend Jaz. I asked her to stop by to have her photo taken by other photographers. Jaz was great, after having a long day she took some great photos.

Photo by Angela Wiser

I know understand how light can change the mood, shape, tone, and the meaning of the photo. My choice of light was a AlienBees™ B800 Flash Unit (YES ITS AMAZING) i was nervous of using just one light but hei if Zack Arias CAN DO IT 🙂

jazsmug (6 of 9)

jazsmug (7 of 9)

jazsmug (8 of 9)

jazsmug (9 of 9)

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One thought on “Let there be LIGHT!!!

  1. You know what Rick Sammon says, “When you think you need three lights, use two lights, and when you think you need two lights, use one light”

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